For the Animal Lovers of RVA and Beyond: Church Hill Street Kitties

Church Hill Street Kitties: Rebekah


Are you a part of the Richmond or Church Hill Community? 

Do you just love animals and following all the best Animal Instagram accounts?

Well let me tell you a little about Rebekah and her organization: Church Hill Street Kitties

Not only does she have an amazing Instagram account showcasing adorable Church Hill Street Kitties, which she calls: "The backbone of the Richmond, VA mousing community", but she also provides care for these animals in need, and does all she can to humanely control the cat population in our community. 

Through her efforts, she fosters, finds homes, does TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release), feeds, and cares for all of our local street cats. 

Friday nights are for tracking, Saturday nights trapping, Sunday and Monday's are for neutering. Tuesday -Thursday are for rest and recharging. I love it. That's my story. It's not glam, but it gets the job done.

She does this with her own funds too, which is very taxing and makes it harder for her to continue her good work. She has even helped me find homes for 2 stray cats and has given me countless advice on caring for street kitties, at no cots to me. She has done this for many others too and asks nothing in return. She is often out in the neighborhood until midnight, rounding up kittens and cats in need of care. I could go on and on. 

For her to continue though, she really needs support from our community.

Ways you can help out:

  • Share this post: If you could please help by sharing this post to spread community awareness, it would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way. For anyone to gain community backing, the community needs to know about the efforts first. 
  • Donate and Share Rebekah's Go Fund Me page: Even donating what you would normally spend on a cup of coffee would go far. Anything will help. 
  • Take a look at Rebekah's Amazon Wish List for food and such: Sending over a bag of food would be wonderful!
  • Follow Rebekah on Instagram: Let her know she has your support. Even encouragement and community support goes a long way. A very long way!

Thank you for reading, sharing, and loving animals!